Lutheran Braille Workers

     Producing Braille materials is labor-intensive. Braille production requires a process called “embossing”, impressing the paper with dots. All of the materials, Braille or large print, need to be punched in preparation for binding. At Valley Lutheran’s work center we have zinc plates and run the plates thru a press. The paper is reproduced with dots on both sides of the paper. Then comes collating, binding, boxing and shipping. We produce St. Matthew, 1&11 Kings, Mark and Repentance (which are sermons). These books are shipped to countries such as Africa, India, Malawi and Indonesia.
     We are one of 194 Work Centers located in 37 states and two countries, with more than 6000 volunteers. We have 4 working groups which meet each week and we ship out approximately 100 books each month. All of the Braille materials are free of charge.
     LBW is one of the largest organizations providing Braille and large print. We print Braille in more than 30 languages and are shipped to more than 30 countries in an effort to share the bible  with others.